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Edge Computing, the next frontier in technology.

Consider the data needs of billions of smart, web enabled devices at the edge of computer networks, smart watches, smart clothing, sensors around the house. Devices that touch people and their lives.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is pushing the frontier of computing applications, data, and services away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network. It enables analytics and knowledge generation to occur at the source of the data. This approach requires leveraging resources that may not be continuously connected to a network such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and sensors.

Edge Computing covers a wide range of technologies including wireless sensor networks, mobile data acquisition, mobile signature analysis, cooperative distributed peer-to-peer ad hoc networking and processing also classifiable as local cloud/fog computing and grid/mesh computing, dew computing, mobile edge computing, cloudlet, distributed data storage and retrieval, autonomic self-healing networks, remote cloud services, augmented reality, and more.

Edge MicroCloud has been working on Edge Computing solutions since 2010.

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Edge MicroCloud, established in 2010, was founded on the believe that as computing power shrinks in size and increases in power, there will be a growing need to harness and analyse that data at the source, rather than in large cloud system like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.


For more details of our products and services, please use the Contact Us form


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