Edge MicroCloud can provide the following service: (rates vary for different services/duration and timeframes, and in many cases we can also provide a fixed priced quote. Contact Us for details of rates or to obtain a quote for your particular needs).

Use of AI to transform your business:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days. Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, and many other AI technologies. How these technologies will change the world, some say for the better, some say for the worse. Either way, this technology will transform the world. If you have not already adopted an AI strategy you risk being left behind. Stay on track and on board with AI with the help of Edge MicroCloud.!

Company Website:
Is your company looking to make a presence on the Web? Or do you have an existing website and it needs some improvements? Let Edge MicroCloud take a look and help. We can review your current site, or your ideas for a new site, and give you either a fixed priced quote, or an hourly rate to get you where you want to be.

Small Business Technology Needs:
Do you need help setting with setting up technologies for your business? Let Edge MicroCloud review your needs and work out a proposal to meet your budget and needs.

Rather than spend your time on annoying technology problems, let us review your situation and either come up with the fixed priced proposal, or if it will be an ongoing service, we can provide an affordable hourly rate.

Some areas where we can help include:
– Computer Hardware/Software setup or maintenance
– Troubleshooting hardware/software issue
– Data conversion, upload/download projects
– Custom software designed specifically for your needs.

Custom Software/Web Development: WebApps, Windows Desktop, Software as a Service.
Edge MicroCloud has over 30 years of working with software and internet technologies. Let us review your custom software or web application plans. In many cases, if your goals are well defined, we can put together a fixed priced proposal and schedule. For open ended projects, we can provide affordable hourly rates to meet your needs.

Please view the Technologies and Custom Web Applications pages for details on the technologies we are experts in.

Software/Web Application Testing:
Edge MicroCloud can provide software/web testing services, typically on an hourly basis.

Mobile Development:
Are you looking to build a custom Android or iOS application? Let us review your needs and either provide a fixed priced proposal or and hourly rate estimate.

Daily Rates:
Do you have a short term need, We provide consulting services on a daily basis.

For any of these services, hourly rates, or any questions related to software/technologies, Contact us for more details.