Stock Buy/Sell List 11-15-2023

Buy List:

DRI – Darden Restaurants Inc

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.777579677964367
  • Latest Return: 9989.21209358635
  • Company Background: Darden Restaurants owns popular restaurant chains like Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, and others. It’s a leading player in the casual dining segment.

MSFT – Microsoft Corporation

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.758398570010272
  • Latest Return: 9918.92348713883
  • Company Background: Microsoft is a global technology company known for its software products, including Windows, Office, and Azure cloud services.

BA – Boeing Company

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.780140232189685
  • Latest Return: 9856.75511028404
  • Company Background: Boeing is a major aerospace and defense corporation, specializing in manufacturing commercial airplanes, defense, and space technology.

GDDY – Godaddy Inc – Class A

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.755572023934916
  • Latest Return: 9568.44236835524
  • Company Background: GoDaddy is a company providing domain registration and web hosting services, catering to individuals and businesses worldwide.

HPQ – HP Inc

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.764096311756985
  • Latest Return: 9494.65780953344
  • Company Background: HP is a multinational IT company known for its hardware devices like laptops, printers, and other computing accessories.

PPA – Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.774645391076057
  • Latest Return: 9230.76923089103
  • Company Background: Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) comprising various companies involved in the aerospace and defense industries.

PHM – PulteGroup Inc

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.852926855945631
  • Latest Return: 8615.38461564245
  • Company Background: PulteGroup is a home construction company primarily engaged in building and selling homes across the United States.

CCI – Crown Castle Inc

  • Action: Buy
  • Buy Score: 0.768845733891936
  • Latest Return: 7353.84615388202
  • Company Background: Crown Castle owns and operates cell towers and other infrastructure used by wireless carriers.

Sell List:

PLUG – Plug Power Inc

  • Action: Sell
  • Sell Score: -0.76029254790984
  • Latest Return: 9713.53718184093
  • Company Background: Plug Power is involved in the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems for electric vehicles and stationary power units.

BDX – Becton Dickinson & Company

  • Action: Sell
  • Sell Score: -0.765172395795651
  • Latest Return: 9975.02506318591
  • Company Background: Becton Dickinson is a medical technology company specializing in medical devices, instrument systems, and reagents.

Buy/Sell Scores & Returns

  • Total Calculations: 188,317,667,109
  • Total Duration: 32844 days, 16 hours, 11 minutes, 29 seconds

CPU Time Duration

The total CPU time duration is roughly 90 years, 1 month, and 20 days.

Stock Trading Disclaimer

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Always conduct thorough research and/or consult with a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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